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PowerMax Technology Co., Ltd. Ushered the Era of PV Industry 4.0

From April 28 to 30, 2015, the ninth (2015) SNEC International Solar Industry and PV Engineering (Shanghai) Exhibition came to a successful ending in Shanghai New International Expo Center. PowerMax Technology Ltd. displayed its full-automatic solar silicon wafer inserting, cleaning and sorting integrated machine, full-automatic wafer packaging machine and other products at the exhibition and received consultation by many professional visitors on site.

By taking "PowerMax's era of industry 4.0 - application in PV industry" as the theme, PowerMax mainly exhibited the high-efficient, green, environmental protection and humanized management "integrated solution for PV industry's intelligent factory", helps customers improve production efficiency and energy control through information supervision and services, and reduces the cost of human resources, so as to build an energy-saving and efficient modern factory.

Treasure group marketing center and customer communication products

Treasure group technical engineer to explain the product to customers

Treasure group marketing center general manager Mr. Chen Long was invited to interview

The full-automatic finishing processing system of solar silicon wafer newly developed by our company is the only fully functional high-speed automatic production equipment, mainly used for inserting, cleaning, drying, sorting, remote liquid supplying and wafer basket recycling. Also, the system can be equipped with full-automatic silicon wafer packaging line to form a complete production line. This equipment can be used to clean, sort and pack the photovoltaic solar monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon wafers. It monitors the production process in a real-time manner through RFID material information tracking system, and becomes the industry benchmark of automation production with excellent automatic production speed, saving manpower, and increased yield.

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