Design control and management software

Design control and management software

PowerMax provides you with all professional automated management and logistics control software systems, including:

● Manufacturing execution system (MES)

● Material control system (MCS)

● Stock Controller; OHT Controller  

● Our management control software plus the automatic handling system can form a complete AMHS total solution of PowerMax.

MWCS mobile stock controller

Uniformly manage floor storage and automation equipment by using handheld type PDA, bar code system and RFID. Implement floor storage, order picking and other inventory management tasks to obtain real-time time schedule of works and manage the work sequence and staff arrangement according to the results.

Monitor the system to operate according to the operation conditions at the job site in a real-time manner. In case that an error or obstacle is found during providing material dispatching, storage or transportation, the system will detect the problem intelligently and timely and display a warning sign on the screen requiring for repair.

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